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I am digital abstract artist originally from Europe, now based in Shanghai. I am particularly passionate about minimalism and geometric abstractions.

I take inspiration from every aspect of the world around me. From the carpet of a backstreet hotel room to the nostalgic memories of 90s arcades as a child, I create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes me.

I take great satisfaction when my collectors tell me that my art had a deeply significant or emotional impact on them. Afterall, if artwork doesn't connect with you, is it even worth collecting?

I believe that art is for the people. Fine art should not be unobtainable simply because of one's social class or background. My beliefs go hand-in-hand with the profound values of Cardano - a blockchain that is inclusive, accessible and gives power to the powerless.

Some notable abstract artists that have inspired my art journey include Rothko, Kandinsky, Delaunay and Malevich, amongst others.


"All art should inspire and evoke emotion."


Who is SOKOSOMA?: About Me
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