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I am a digital abstract artist originally from Europe, now based in Shanghai.

With two years' experience in Web3, I take inspiration from every aspect of the world around me. From the carpet of a backstreet hotel room to the nostalgic memories of 90s arcades as a child, I create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes me.

My work embodies the essence of minimalist geometric abstraction. Viewers are invited to explore personal meanings and interpretations from within each piece that resonate profoundly with them. My art blends geometric precision with an intriguing interplay between form and emotion. Each composition exudes an aura of mystery, drawing viewers into a contemplative space.

Notable abstract artists such as Rothko, Kandinsky, Delaunay, and Malevich have greatly influenced my artistic journey. Whilst the Bauhaus and De Stijl art movements of the early 20th Century have served as significant sources of inspiration.

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"All art should inspire and evoke emotion."


Who is SOKOSOMA?: About Me
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