cyberpunk warrior wearing neon blue armor.png


As an independent creator, my art comes first and foremost. I don't feel the need to make grand, unrealistic promises that will never come to fruition. A traditional 'roadmap' doesn't make sense for me.

However, I would like to give the loyal holders of my art a short-to-medium term view of what the future holds for SOKOSOMA.


I am the artist, the project manager, the digital asset manager, the marketing department, the community manager, the customer service and everything in between. As much as I dream about it, this is not yet my full-time job.

I am only one person, and whilst I cannot promise you the world, I can promise you a realistic and sustainable plan that promotes high quality, scarce and original NFT art.

The paper below doesn't reveal everything I have planned for the year. What it does reveal is an outline of my goals and gives my loyal community something to be excited for.

Art Direction 2022